How many times have you skipped the cleanser, opting for a makeup wipe instead, only to find that your skin starts to look a little dull after a few times of doing this?

Don't worry, we've all been there. But if you can start to make cleansing part of your daily skin care ritual, your skin will reward you!

Why is cleansing important?

Cleansing is essential for removing dirt and grime that may have accumulated throughout the day. It helps clear clogged pores, keeping skin looking healthy and free from impurities. It's also the first step in a skin care regimen, and really sets a good foundation for the products that follow. Cleansing should be done morning and night, and always followed up with a good toner.

Keep reading to learn which of our cleansers may be suitable for you!

When cleansing your skin, always be sure to apply with clean hands, and to rinse with lukewarm water. Hot water will strip the skin of necessary oils, while lukewarm water will protect the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Pat your skin dry with a clean towel before following up with your other products.

Also, be sure to cleanse twice a day, and don’t rely on makeup wipes for your daily cleansing ritual.

Why is a toner important?

Be honest – Have you ever asked the question, "What does toner do?" You’re not alone. Many people are confused about what toner is, what it actually does, and the benefits of including it in their skin care regimen.

Toner can be a valued, integral part of your skin care program. It:

  • Adjusts the pH of the skin to prepare it for optimal penetration of other product ingredients
  • Gives your skin a taut, cool, refreshed feel
  • Removes the outer layer of oils from your skin
  • Is a great way to prep your skin for the day

Toner usually contains alcohol and water, plus additional ingredients according to your skin type. For example, a toner for dry skin may be formulated with less alcohol (which dries the skin) and include a moisturizer, such as glycerin.

Toners are used after cleansing or as interim cleansers to remove grime and oils from the skin surface; they help freshen and tighten the face to prepare it for moisturization and the application of make up.

After cleansing in the morning and evening, you can use a toner like our alcohol-free, non-drying Obagi Nu-Derm Toner. Just saturate a cotton pad and gently wipe over face and neck, and do not rinse off.

Used regularly, toner can make a real difference in how your skin feels and looks. We recommend you ask Dr. Calle to recommend the right toner for your skin type.

So, now we put the question to you… Do YOU use toner?

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